Initiate mechanism to determine status – Renuka T. Balasubramaniam

Source: New Straits Times Online


I REFER to your editorial, “Is it for others to worry about?” (NST, May 14). You argue that while humanitarian assistance for the maritime arrivals in Langkawi was necessary, the root causes of the problems can be resolved only by the countries of origin, Myanmar and Bangladesh. Concluding that the international community’s involvement may go as far as sanctions on Myanmar for its treatment of Rohingyas and aid to Bangladesh for the poverty that motivates the dangerous journey, the editorial misses the debates surrounding the question.

Some of these are, “How should the arrivals be labelled?”, “Which labels link state parties, international organisations and civil society within a framework that states have agreed upon?” and “Is it purely a question of immigrant arrivals or is there a less convenient but more challenging aspect to it?” Read more