Using religion to shroud power abuse will ‘cause Malaysia’s death,’ Putrajaya told

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Philip Koh speaking at the Forum on Human Rights & Religion: Are the two compatible? --HAKAM

Philip Koh speaking at the Forum on Human Rights & Religion: Are the two compatible? –HAKAM

KUALA LUMPUR, May 24 — The use of religion to distract from the alleged abuses of the government is a dangerous tactic that will destroy multicultural Malaysia, said senior lawyer Philip Koh in a warning to the government.

With Islamism filling the void of communal politics that has increasingly fallen out of favour in Malaysia, Koh urged politicians not to succumb to the temptation to use religion as a means to pit the various communities against one another.

“As we love this country, we try to shape this country, we ask the elite that is in power, please don’t use religion to protect your corrupt use of power; please don’t use religion to manufacture anxiety among Muslims who are decent people, who have lived for the last 60 or hundreds of years in harmony with the minorities.

“Please don’t abuse that to try to unite in a false self-deceitful way, what you attempt to call a kind of a way to glue and create an enemy. That will be the beginning and we are already in the midst of that — the death of the Malaysia that we know,” he warned when speaking as a commentator in a forum here.   Read more

Treat child ‘prisoners’ – Gurdial Singh Nijar


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(Deputy President, HAKAM)

IT was reported last week that several minors were arrested and kept overnight in a police lock-up arising out of the anti-GST demonstrations. Is this legal?

A child of 18 years and below must be treated differently from adults according to our Child Act 2001. Under our law, a child under 14 years of age cannot be imprisoned if convicted of a crime; those above 14 but below 18 cannot be imprisoned if there are other ways of dealing with the convicted offender. Read more