Bulgarian duo escape gallows for drug trafficking

Source: Malay Mail Online

bars and handPUTRAJAYA, May 27 ― Two Bulgarian men escaped the gallows after the Court of Appeal, here, today reduced their drug trafficking charges to drug possession.

A three-member panel chaired by Justice Datuk Wira Mohtarudin Baki, allowed the appeal brought by Ivan Kirov Kostov and Georgi Dinev Bakalov to set aside their convictions and death sentences for trafficking in methamphetamine.

Justice Mohtarudin said the court found that the duo’s appeal had merit.

He said the presumption of trafficking had been rebutted on the balance of probability and the court found enough evidence in the case to invoke Section 37(d) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 that they were in possession of the drug and not trafficking. Read more

Malaysian police reveal grim secrets of jungle trafficking camp

Source: Reuters

BUKIT WANG BURMA, MALAYSIA, MAY 27 – Malaysian police forensic teams, digging with hoes and shovels, on Tuesday began pulling out bodies from shallow graves found in abandoned jungle camps where an inter-governmental body said hundreds of victims of human traffickers may be buried.

The Malaysian government said it was investigating whether local forestry officials were involved with the people-smuggling gangs believed responsible for nearly 140 such graves discovered around grim camps along the border with Thailand. Read more

PM: Putrajaya still studying need for National Harmony Act

Source: The Malay Mail Online

KUALA LUMPUR, May 27 — Putrajaya is still mulling the possibility of enacting the National Harmony Act and should it decide to draft the law, it will serve to compliment the existing Sedition Act, Datuk Seri Najib Razak said.

In a parliamentary reply to Kota Melaka MP Sim Tong Him, Najib explained that the government is “studying the need” for the Act.

“If the government decides to draft the National Harmony Act, the Act will serve as preventive measures before the Sedition Act 1948 is enforced,” said the reply. Read more