A return to the Constitution

Source: The Star Online

Dr Shad Saleem: ‘If aurat is the issue, then why doesn’t the same law apply to Muslim men who compete in bodybuilding championships?

It is important for us to defend our recourse for judicial challenge against discriminatory laws that curb our civil liberties, including Syariah laws, say constitutional experts.

WHEN the Court of Appeal declared a state syariah law criminalising cross-dressing as unconstitutional last year, many felt that the landmark ruling has nothing to do with them.

They are wrong, says Bar Council constitutional law committee co-chair Firdaus Husni.

The decision impacts all of us, says Firdaus.

As she points out, the ruling upholds four out of the nine basic human rights promised under the Federal Constitution: Article 5 which guarantees the right to live with dignity, Article 8 that ensures gender equality, Article 9 for freedom of movement and Article 10 for freedom of speech and expression. Read more