No escape for anyone found guilty or mistreatment of Orang Asli children

Source: NST Online

KUALA LUMPUR: The Education Ministry will not hesitate to take action against any of its ministry staff or teachers if found guilty of wrongdoings in the disappearance of the seven Orang Asli students.

Deputy Education Minister P. Kamalanathan said his ministry was still awaiting the full report from the police on the matter.

“The police are still conducting their investigations into this.

“If at all, that the teachers or ministry staff had done wrong, we will not hesitate to take action.” Read more

A literalist interpretation of the law – Azmi Sharom

Source: The Star Online


Recent judgments have an impact on basic freedoms such as that of expression.

Azmi Sharom - file pic

Azmi Sharom – file pic

RECENTLY I’ve been faced with a rather hurtful question. How can I teach my students the law?

This may seem like a weird question. After all I work in a law faculty. My students are there to study the law. What else am I to teach, then?

But there is a sting in the question. There is an implication to this seemingly simple query.

The question really should be: “how can I teach my students the law when the law seems to disregard such fundamental principles as constitutionalism and the rule of law”?

Looking at recent developments, it comes as no surprise that this question arises.

In a space of a fortnight the Federal and Appeal Courts of this country have taken retrograde steps pushing back any small advances we may have made in the realm of the right to assemble, the right to life and the right to expression.

They have done this by con­tradicting earlier decisions, by using technicalities and by interpreting the Constitution in a li­tera­list manner which leaves the door wide open for tremendous abuse of our human rights. Read more