Ministries show decline in financial performance last year, says audit


Source: The Malaysian Insider

Auditor-General's Report 2014 - pic taken from The Star Online

Auditor-General’s Report 2014 – pic taken from The Star Online

The Third Series of the 2014 Auditor-General’s Report released today said there was an overall decline in the financial performance of ministries last year compared to previous years, with fewer ministries getting the excellent rating.

However, the report also said that federal departments showed an improvement in financial management.

More than half of 51 departments were rated excellent in 2014 compared to previous years.

“In 2014, only 20 ministries were rated as excellent as compared to 23 ministries in 2013 and 22 ministries in 2012,” said the final installment of the report.

“(In 2014) a total of 29 (56.9%) out of 51 departments were rated as excellent in 2014 as compared to 21 (46.7%) out of 45 departments in 2013 and 21 (53.9%) out of 39 departments in 2012.”

Twenty-four federal ministries and 51 federal departments were audited in 2014 to assess whether their financial management complied related laws and financial regulations, the report said.

Audits were also carried out in general hospitals in 14 states, 13 branches of the Fisheries Department and 10 Malaysian diplomatic missions abroad.

Four ministries and 22 departments earned a “good” rating.

The Audit Department also found that some of the 244 federal department offices at the state and district levels did not comply with financial management regulations.

“Among them were mail registers; cash books and petty cash books were not properly maintained or updated accordingly; surprise inspections were not conducted as required; and payment vouchers were not supported by relevant documents.”

Reports of these infractions were submitted to the respective headquarters for further action, the AG said.

Special audits were also carried out on the financial management of 43 premier grade officers from various ministries, departments and agencies. – November 23, 2015.


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