2014 Auditor-General’s Report [Updated]


Source: The Sundaily

Auditor-General's Report 2014 - pic taken from The Star Online

Auditor-General’s Report 2014 – pic taken from The Star Online

THE Third Series of the 2014 Auditor-General’s Report was tabled in Parliament today. A total of 268 recommendations covering programme, construction, maintenance, acquisition, revenue management and company management were submitted.

Take action over problematic RM200.7m hospital upgrading project
PETALING JAYA: The Auditor General (AG) has recommended that action be taken against a contractor and relevant government officers who were in charge of the RM200.7 million Sultanah Nora Ismail Hospital upgrading project. Read more here

AG Report: Foreign Ministry spent RM14.17m to renovate empty buildings in US
PETALING JAYA: The Foreign Ministry spent RM14.17 million to renovate two empty buildings meant for Malaysian representatives in Washington DC, the Auditor General (AG) Report 2014 series 3 found. Read more here

AG Report: Technical errors behind Customs Department failure to collect RM15m
PETALING JAYA: The Auditor General (AG) thumbed down the Customs Department as technical errors in completely built up (CBU) vehicles assessment left almost RM15 million in taxes uncollected. Read more here

Johor lacks efficiency in managing Bumiputra housing quota
PETALING JAYA: The Johor government still lacks efficiency in managing its Bumiputera housing quota, and the delays in one of its subsidiary holding’s development projects. Read more here

National sports complexes good, but with shortcomings
PETALING JAYA: The 2014 Auditor-General’s Report highlighted three main weaknesses in four of the National Sport’s Council (NSC) complexes in terms of the premises’ construction and maintenance. Read more here

Thousands evade tax amounting to millions
PETALING JAYA: Thousands of individual taxpayers with business income have evaded tax amounting to millions of ringgit for the whole of last year. Read more here

Mindef losses RM26.87m in Nation Defence Education Centre Development project
PETALING JAYA: The 2014 Auditor-General’s Report reported that the management of the National Defence Education Centre Development (NDEC) Project of the Defence Ministry (Mindef) was less than satisfactory. Read more here

East Coast not given priority over flood mitigation projects
KUALA LUMPUR: Some states, particularly those in the East Coast of the Peninsula, were not given priority in the implementation of the Flood Mitigation Projects (FMP), the Auditor-General’s Report 2014 Series 3 revealed. Read more here

Decline in Federal Ministries’ financial performance
PETALING JAYA: Financial performance in Federal Ministries for the 2014 fiscal year has declined compared to the previous two years. Read more here

Surprise inspections conducted on 172 Federal Statutory Bodies last year
KUALA LUMPUR: The Auditor General’s Deparment conducted surprise inspections on 172 offices of Federal Statutory Bodies across the country last year. Read more here

Management of quarters by PMD satisfactory
KUALA LUMPUR: The 2014 Auditor-General’s Report today revealed that between January and May 2015 the management of quarters by the Property Management Division of the PM’s Office was satisfactory – in terms of selection of tenants as well as having achieved its objective of providing quarters for civil servants. Read more here

268 recommendations in third series of 2014 AG’s report
KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 268 recommendations were submitted in the Third Series of the 2014 Auditor-General’s Report to help the federal government, its statutory bodies and state governments to improve and rectify their weaknesses. Read more here