TPPA Debate periodic roundup: 22-23 Jan 2016

A roundup on the debate around the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement from various sources during the period of 22-23 January 2016:

The language of liberty – Netusha Naidu

Source: The Malaysian Insider


Last week, a few Malaysians and I came to the United States of America for a five-week programme under the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative. We will be academic fellows on religious pluralism at Temple University’s interfaith initiative known as the Dialogue Institute based in its Department of Religion.

Students from Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines as well have been brought together to learn about American history, values and cultures to have an idea of how religious pluralism is not necessarily an impossible challenge in our own countries. What makes this appropriate is that the United States has a long history of diversity.

In fact, Philadelphia is home to the first proponent of religious pluralism in the US. Its founder, William Penn belonged to an unorthodox Christian sect called the Quakers that was deemed radical during the late 1600s. Read more

TPP Debate Special—Articles on TPP by Sanya Reid Smith


Workshop on TPP by Sanya Reid Smith, from the Third World Network

Sanya Reid Smith. Source: Public Services International (; taken from

Sanya Reid Smith. Source: Public Services International (; taken from brings to you a series of articles based on a recent NGO briefing on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in Malaysia by Ms Sanya Reid Smith, an expert on Trade and Investment Rules. She has been monitoring the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) since 2011, and is also the resource expert for Bantah TPPA Malaysia.

The entire talk is uploaded on YouTube in a seven part series and can be accessed here. As topics covered within the talk were very extensive, we took the liberty to transcribe and reorganise the content into a structure that will hopefully benefit those who are still grappling with the implications of signing or not signing the controversial trade agreement. This multi-part series will look at TPPA Basics, Stakeholders, Impacts, and Miscellaneous Topics. The index of the series can be found on the introduction.

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