5 Orang Asli lodge complaint with Bukit Aman after Perak police turn them away

Source: The Malaysian Insider

Orang Asli representatives outside the Bukit Aman police headquarters in Kuala Lumpur to lodge a complaint about the shooting incident by an assemblyman. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Nazir Sufari, January 26, 2016.

After being barred by Perak police from lodging a report, a group of Temiar Orang Asli from the state filed a complaint with the police disciplinary board at the Bukit Aman police headquarters in Kuala Lumpur today.

One of the Orang Asli, Anjang Aluej, said the villagers from Kampung Sungai Papan had wanted to lodge a report against an assemblyman for firing his gun into the air while on a visit to their village on January 19.

The assemblyman had gone to the village to observe the installation of a generator and had fired the shot without any provocation.

Five villagers, including three witnesses to the incident, then went to lodge a police report but were turned away at the Gerik police station and again at the Lenggong police station. Read more

TPPA concerns backed by independent analysis – Sevan Doraisamy

Source: Malaysiakini

BY SEVAN DORAISAMY on behalf of the Bantah TPPA Coalition

We refer to Munir Majid’s commentary ‘Be rational and honest about TPPA’ on Jan 16, 2016 in The Star.

Munir Majid claims that opposition against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is “excitable and emotional”. Besides being an blanket attack to shut down debate, he doesn’t point to any evidence of excitable and emotional responses.

The anti -TPPA responses do however reflect many legitimate responses – concern, anger, outrage and fear – but unlike the claims he makes these responses are informed and backed up by independent expert analysis. His article is substantiated only by the Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) where he sits as a director and the report by the International Trade and Industry Ministry (Miti) [SY1]. Read more