Now even new Suhakam chief is doing a somersault


Source: Malaysiakini

Defend our rights instead, Bersih tells Suhakam

Kim Quek: New Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) chief Razali Ismail’s remarks signifies an accelerated pace of Malaysia’s fall from grace in the world community of respectable nations.

First the cabinet – a series of replacements, with each new one said to be dumber than the previous. Then, the attorney-general (AG) – an allegedly covert political partisan is replaced by an allegedly unabashed political henchman.

Then, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) – all the top three officers who refused to be completely subjugated to political coercion are swept aside to make way for a new chief who is of the same calibre as the new AG.

Now, Suhakam – new chief Razali’s disparaging remarks against election reform advocate Bersih’s proposed rally betrays his hostility towards human right advocates and his disregard for constitutionally-guaranteed fundamental rights.

With Razali heading Suhakam, the body mandated by law to protect human rights will soon be found to be doing the opposite.

What a tragedy that a prime minister who started his reign with so much promise to restore the lost shine of democracy to a country once touted as model of emerging democratic countries should have transformed it to this wretched state – a country soon to be universally despised as a corrupt autocracy.

Bamboo: The ‘dedak’ (animal feed) phenomenon is really strong in Malaysia. Now even the chairperson of Suhakam has done a somersault, where instead of defending the right for peaceful assembly, he made disparaging remarks about the proposed Bersih rally.

I wonder if we are at rock bottom, or is there any lower we can go?

Anonymous 1890491455255851: The whole system is hopeless. We have people who are no more than goons in important positions in this country.

Razali sounds more like the inspector-general of police (IGP), rather than chairperson of a human rights commission. Another one allegedly looking after the rights of the powers-that-be than those of the rakyat.

Hank Marvin: Poor Razali. He put his foot in his mouth on the very first day of his new posting. Instead of defending the rights of the citizenry, he is playing to the gallery. He forgot who pay his salaries.

But then look at the list of the new commissioners; mostly unknown when it comes to rights issues.

CQ Muar: Bersih’s rebut against the newly-minted Suhakam chief Razali couldn’t be more explicit and deservingly explained. What is Razali trying to prove for coming out with such unsolicited and baseless accusation and caution?

Now that Bersih had detailed the rights and past rallies of protesters held, the least we expect from Razali is an apology for his ignorance and disparaging remarks.

Quigonbond: Razali started off with a bang, only to be immediately deflated.

Worldly Wise: Razali does not know or pretends not to know that property damage was caused by the authorities who are allegedly behind the red shirts.

If women had not taken to the streets 100 years ago, women today will not have the right to vote. Razali does not seem to have learnt anything in his 30-odd years in the foreign service.

P Dev Anand Pillai: Indeed, what else we expect from this person, he was Malaysia’s representative to the United Nations for decades. It is all about positions and patronage.

Being in charge of a human rights body and allegedly sounding very ignorant on human rights is very embarrassing but here, who bothers.

Until and unless the Malay masses wake up, Umno and whoever it chooses as its head honcho will be above the law.

Norman Fernandez: I think we all can make do without these public relations stunts, hashtags, prayers for the city of tragedy or lighting of candles.

What is needed is admission that terrorism is being done in the name of religion and what their leaders and community are doing about it.

To absolve blame or deny that their religion does not advocate violence or that terrorism do not represent them are not tired excuses. Match your words with action.

The Analyser: … and then the imams went back to their mosques and continued to compulsorily indoctrinate impressionable young Muslim minds with fundamentalist garbage.

The hypocrisy of this act is astounding, and as usual it’s always someone else who causes the problems.

Anonymous #64627787: To The Analyser, the likes of you, who condemn Muslims for being silent when a Muslim becomes a terrorist.

When Muslims stand in solidarity with Christians to give representation that what the terrorists do are not in the name of Islam, you cry hypocrisy. Who’s the hypocrite here?

In your book, once you’re a Muslim, you’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t? In your utopian world, what do you actually want?

Come on, out with it!

Anonymous_3e86: Will the imams in Malaysia even come close to the doorsteps of a church?