Opposition MP’s, A. Samad Said questioned by police over Bersih 5


Source: The Sun Daily

KUALA LUMPUR: Three PKR MP’s and National Laureate Datuk A. Samad Said was questioned at the Sentul district police station in regards to the Bersih 5 rally held last month.

Sungai Petani MP Datuk Johari Abdul, Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli and Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar were questioned by the police under the Sedition Act 1948 and Section 4(2)(b) of the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 but chose to remain silent.

“There were a lot of questions asked but we chose to reply in court,” said Johari.

They were in the police station for about an hour and said they were unsure if they would be facing charges.

National Laureate Samad said that he felt “appreciated” because his poetry is now considered as a “weapon against the government”.

“I actually feel appreciated because my poems have become weapons, although I am reading poetry about defending human rights only.

“But even that is considered a threat, I feel proud because I have elevated the worth and level of literature to the level where its threatening,” he said.

Samad was questioned under Section 504 of the Penal Code which deals with intentional insult with intent to provoke a breach of the peace.

Rafizi also questioned why “Red Shirts” leader Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos was not being charged for his racially charged comments but instead all the opposition leaders were subject to questioning.

He urged the Attorney-General’s Chambers to reconsider pursuing opposition leaders and activists for supporting Bersih 5.