Nur Jazlan: Refer to cops, ministry for sex offenders list


Source: FMT News

Deputy home minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed says cooperation needed from interested groups to help update lists maintained by women, family and community development ministry.

PETALING JAYA: Nur Jazlan Mohamed says the public needs to refer to the police and the women, family and community development ministry on their respective sex offenders list, as a national registry on the same has been delayed, The Star reported today.

The deputy home minister attributed the delay in the setting up of a national sex offenders registry to the concerns raised by the Attorney-General’s Chambers over the infringement of rights of those on the list.

“There is an unofficial sex offenders list kept by the police but not made public.

“What I am saying is, if the list is under the police, then any information of the whereabouts of any offender can be obtained at the local police station for the community to check,” Nur Jazlan was quoted as saying by the daily.

He added however, that the ministry’s list only contained information on the conviction, including the name of the sex offender and his/her crime, and nothing more.

“In a way, this list is already available to the public. Their court conviction is already public record but there is no follow-up on the offenders’ whereabouts after the conviction,” Nur Jazlan said.

He called for more cooperation from the local community and interested groups to help in the maintenance of the lists, to make the search and monitoring of sex offenders more effective.

“Social activism is another important component but any vigilante act must be avoided,” Nur Jazlan told The Star, adding that there was also the concern that those on the list would be shunned and stigmatised.

“Amend the law to include the sexual offenders list but protect their human and citizen rights at the same time.

“But above all, the public must be fair to Selva Kumar Subbiah because he has paid his dues in Canada for over 20 years,” he added referring to the convicted serial rapist, who was recently released from prison in Canada after serving a 24-year sentence and is expected to return to Malaysia this weekend.