Move to set up committee to discuss laws to benefit children


Source: The New Straits Times

KUALA LUMPUR : A mediation committee comprising Muslims and non-Muslims should be set up to implement the provisions of the amendments to the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976.

International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) deputy chief executive officer Prof. Madya Dr. Mohamed Azam Mohamed Adil said this would enable parties to negotiate to reach a consensus to benefit children.

He also said the coordination of administrative aspects of the Syariah Court needed to be streamlined through the role of Malaysia Syariah Judiciary Department without affecting Islamic religion in other states.

“This mechanism should be implemented to ensure that efforts to upgrade the Syariah Court jurisdiction through Bill 355 can be realised,” he said.“A special index for Syariah Court as well as at the international level on Special Family Court under the Civil Court needs to be established.

“The formation should consist of a special committee whose members are experts in both areas of Civil and Syariah law to resolve disputes on child custody.”

In an effort to empower Malaysia’s Syariah judiciary institution, a Syariah Court National Seminar titled “60 Tahun Pasca Kemerdekaan” was held at International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies (IAIS) today.

The seminar which gathered Syariah law think tanks presented several resolutions by emphasising the role of the Syariah Court, judges and Syariah lawyers.

Azam said the seminar also concluded that all initiatives introduced in human rights issues must be based on Islamic jurisprudence.

He added that records relating to Syariah Court should be published for public reference.

Azam said to empower the position and role of the Syariah judges and lawyers, their service schemes needed to be upgraded in terms of position assurance, wages payment and appointment and termination of the post similar to judges in Civil Courts.

He said the participation of female Syariah judges needed to be increased as a transformation effort for the Syariah judicial system.

“There is also a need to establish a mechanism to promote interaction and discussions between Syariah professionals such as judges, Syarie lawyers, academics and researchers so that knowledge can be shared,” he Azam.

Also present at the seminar were Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom, IAIS chief executive officer Prof. Dr Mohammad Hashim Kamali and Malaysia Syariah Judiciary Department director-general Tan Sri Datuk Setia Dr Ibrahim Lembut.

Meanwhile, Jamil in his speech said that the establishment of Special Committee to Empower Syariah Court and Syariah law would include all parties including those opposing.

“The cabinet has approved the setting up of the committee which proves the government is committed to empower Syariah court for the benefit of Muslims,” he said.

The seminar was attended by 200 people including lawyers, teachers and law students.