Political impartiality of civil service — Gurdial Singh Nijar

Source: The Sun Daily

(Deputy President, HAKAM)

IN a recent address to civil servants Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak likened the inseparability of the government and the civil service (known in Malaysian law as “public service”) to the proverbial “ibarat aur dengan tebing” (like the bamboo and river bank). True indeed. Because, as he alluded to earlier, civil servants develop and implement government policies. And serve the government of the day, as the prime minister noted. He went on to lambast, “particularly the Opposition”, for insulting or slandering civil servants with “those nasty words … directed at the whole government and vice versa”.

“Hence, we should be grateful for the benefits that we are enjoying and not allow this country to fall into their hands as they do not appreciate the toil and contributions of the civil servants,” he added.
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