Shoot drug dealers, jail addicts, says Bung Moktar


Source: The Malaysian Insight

CONTROVERSIAL lawmaker Bung Moktar Radin today suggested that drug dealers be shot and addicts jailed – in the style of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte – to combat the drug menace in the country.

Bung Moktar (BN-Kinabatangan) said AADK had failed in its efforts to fight the drug menace as the number of drug abuse cases had increased over the years.

“I suggest AADK be dissolved. It’s a waste of people’s money and a waste of time,” said Bung Moktar in Parliament today.

“The Philippines, after Duterte took over, can be considered as a zero-drug country now. Why can’t we follow their ways?

“We should imprison drug addicts without trial. Any drug dealers, just shoot them.”

Ahead of the Asean summit in the Philippines earlier this month, rights groups had urged world leaders to challenge Duterte over what they say are gross abuses.

The 72-year-old overwhelmingly won elections last year vowing to eradicate drugs through a campaign that would see up to 100,000 people killed.

Today, Bung Moktar said the country had become a “drug production centre”.

“I’m very serious. (It is) for the benefit of our country’s future.

“We don’t want our country to be filled by those who are lifeless, weak and lack ideas.

“Just shoot any (drug) dealer. Look at how great the Philippines is now,” Bung Moktar said in response to Ramkarpal Singh (PKR-Bukit Gelugor), who asked if he was serious about shooting drug dealers as a solution.

In response to Bung Moktar’s suggestion, Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed said it is not feasible to dissolve AADK.

“If we dissolve AADK, who will regulate enforcement concerning drug addicts?

“Supporting Duterte’s policy of shooting addicts runs counter to international norms.

“We don’t want to implement policies that would affect human rights,” he said, adding that such policies would attract international attention in all the wrong ways.

“Duterte has just decided that all drug-related activities be handled by a national anti-drug agency.

“I think he (Duterte) was pressured by international parties to change his policy.” – November 28, 2017.