Banned books poser — Gurdial Singh Nijar

Source: The Sun Daily

(Deputy President, HAKAM)

A FRIEND rang me over a strange request. She said a book she bought some time ago has since then been banned. Declared an “undesirable publication” by the home minister. Now it is a crime to possess any banned book.

What do I do with this book? – the evidence of the crime, she asked.

My reaction: burn it in your garden. But then this could expose her to a charge under the law that prohibits open burning.

She could set it alight on the stove. Oh no, she said, the house could incinerate as the flames devour its 247 pages; and the insurance company will repudiate the claim for this wilful arson.

How about throwing the book in the recycle bin? But what if some passer-by retrieves it? He or she could be charged for possession of a banned book. And my friend is traced as the disposer of the book. She could then be charged as an accomplice. Under our law an accomplice faces the same punishment as the perpetrator. Read more

Deputy MB: Kelantan to model Qatar’s hudud law, including amputation

Source: Malay Mail Online

Picture by Yusof Mat Isa

Deputy Mentri Besar Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah (left) stressed that Kelantan’s currently dormant hudud enactment can only be enforced after a private member’s Bill by Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang is passed in the Parliament. — Picture by Yusof Mat Isa

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 3 — The Kelantan government will study ways of adopting Qatar’s implementation of hudud, the Islamic penal law, said Deputy Mentri Besar Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah.

According to Mohd Amar, the state will allocate RM1 million to research how best to implement hudud that includes amputation, whipping and stoning for some offences.

“Qatar is one of the best models to follow the process of hudud implementation,” he was quoted as saying in Sinar Harian.

Currently, the PAS vice president said the state lacked the expertise and knowledge to perform some of the procedures necessary for selected hudud punishments, such as the surgical removal of limbs.

Theft, for instance, is punishable by the amputation of a hand in some instances. There is no equivalent to this in the country’s criminal law. Read more

Pua: Book bans are the actions of a ‘communist-like’ regime

Source: Free Malaysia Today

Free Malaysia Today

PJ Utara MP Tony Pua says banning of Zaid Ibrahim’s book shows the immense and arbitrary power that the Printing Presses and Publications Act holds.

PETALING JAYA: Tony Pua has called the government’s action to ban a book by Zaid Ibrahim as akin to that of a totalitarian communist-like regime.

The Petaling Jaya Utara MP was referring to the decision by the home ministry last month to ban Zaid’s book “Assalamualaikum: Observations on the Islamisation of Malaysia”, under the Printing Presses and Publications Act (PPA).

“As usual, the only official reason given for this ban is that the book is ‘likely to be prejudicial to public order as well as public interest and is likely to alarm public opinion’.

“This book joining the list of books previously banned by the government is proof of Putrajaya’s outright disregard for freedom of expression and ideas in Malaysia,” he said in a statement today.

Last Thursday, the home ministry confirmed that a Federal Government gazette published on Dec 19 said the book, “Assalamualaikum: Observations on the Islamisation of Malaysia” had been banned. The order was signed by the home minister on Dec 4.  Read more