Muslim docs say no to punitive amputation

Source: Free Malaysia Today

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Pic drawn from Free Malaysia Today

PETALING JAYA: Three prominent Muslim doctors of medicine have voiced outrage over the Kelantan government’s proposal to use the services of surgeons in amputating the hands of thieves found guilty under hudud law. They told FMT that would mean asking a doctor to violate his professional oath of doing no harm to the human body.

The three are Islamic Renaissance Front director Ahmad Farouk Musa, who is a cardiothoracic surgeon, California-based surgeon and political commentator M Bakri Musa and Kota Raja MP Siti Mariah Mahmud, a doctor who used to teach medicine at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

In a recent press interview, Kelantan deputy menteri besar Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah said contemporary Islamic scholars were of the opinion that the services of surgeons were needed in carrying out punitive amputation to ensure that no part of the body beyond one of the wrists would be harmed.

Farouk said Amar was perhaps unaware that a universal guiding principle for physicians is, “First, do no harm.” He criticised Amar for ignoring the “moral wrong” of what he was suggesting.

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Our prison system archaic, says Paulsen

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PETALING JAYA: The Home Ministry’s censure of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim for issuing statements from jail has prompted a human rights lawyer to denounce the Malaysian prison system as archaic. Pic drawn from Free Malaysia Today

Source: Free Malaysia Today

Speaking to FMT, Lawyers for Liberty director Eric Paulsen complained that the Malaysian system was, unlike progressive systems around the world, still based on the principle of punishment rather than rehabilitation.

“If we look at more progressive prison systems such as those in the Nordic states, we see that the prisons are aimed at rehabilitation rather than punishment and this means that prisoners retain many of their rights. including free speech, internet access and even the right to vote,” he said.

Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed recently warned Anwar against issuing statements without approval from prison authorities, saying it could affect his jail term.

“Lately, several statements have been issued by Anwar and I wonder whether he really made the statements,” Bernama quoted him as saying.

“If the statements were relayed through third parties and were not approved by the Prisons Department, then it is an offence that can affect the jail period.”

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Absolute Power – Stage Two — Ambiga Sreenevasan


Time to focus on the elections

Ambiga Sreenevasan – The Malaysian Insight file pic, December 20, 2017.

In our system, the Prime Minister is the Member of Parliament who enjoys the confidence of the majority.

As such, it is the right of the Opposition coalition whose MPs will be in Parliament, to identify their Prime Ministerial candidate taking into account the views and interests of their members and the public.

There is no doubt that it was foreseeable that the naming of Tun Mahathir as PH’s Prime Minister candidate would invite controversy, and it did. Read more