Be forward thinking, youth group tells #UndiRosak supporters


Source: Free Malaysia Today

#ForwardTogether urges #UndiRosak supporters to work together to help youths take ownership of their future by making their votes count.


Image taken from FMT News

PETALING JAYA: A newly formed group to counter youths’ indifference to elections and politics has reached out to those behind the #UndiRosak movement, saying it is time to take a more positive outlook on the future.

In a statement to FMT, #ForwardTogether said instead of #UndiRosak’s campaign for voters to spoil their ballots on election day, it should help youths take ownership of their future by making their votes count.

“Let us work together, for no good comes out of a negative action, and progress requires positivity,” it added.

Yesterday, activist Maryam Lee said those behind the #UndiRosak movement were aware of the capabilities of candidates from both sides of the political divide, and had chosen not to support anyone.

“We are going out to vote but because we disagree with both sides, we’ll spoil our votes,” she said, adding that #ForwardTogether should focus on creating awareness among those who are not aware of politics.

However, #ForwardTogether said #UndiRosak was missing the point.

“We are not barking up on anyone’s tree, but offering a different view point to the youths. Rather than spoiling votes, use our vote to make an impact.

“How can we make an impact through voting? Show to the parties contesting in the elections that they will only get our vote if they deliver. Would that not provide a more positive impact in shaping our future?”

#ForwardTogether said it was about gathering people for a more positive outlook on nation-building through various channels like voting, charity work, education, arts and culture, and sports.

“In the context of GE14, we encourage youths to vote on positivity and delivery.”

It acknowledged however that #UndiRosak supporters had the right to spoil their votes.

“We can only hope they will realise one day that to ‘not choose’ is as good as ‘not being a part of the effort to shape our future’.

“All Malaysians have a direct stake in this country. It is our duty to inform, and to educate each other about participating in the democratic process in Malaysia the right way and not spoil votes.”