How to reduce stateless numbers in Sabah

Source: Free Malaysia Today

There are many stateless children in Sabah of Filipino or Indonesian descent who are unable to access basic rights like education and healthcare. Advocates for Non-discrimination and Access to Knowledge (ANAK) calls for the easing of conditions for citizenship. Image from FMT News.

PETALING JAYA: A human rights NGO has urged the government to grant citizenship to every stateless child in Sabah who has a Malaysian parent, even if the other parent is a foreigner and if the child was born out of wedlock.

Denying citizenship to stateless children means denying them basic rights like education and healthcare which, in turn, means denying them the opportunity to do good for society, according to the founder of Advocates for Non-discrimination and Access to Knowledge (ANAK), Anne Baltazar.

Speaking to FMT, Baltazar also called for the removal of citizenship requirements not listed in the Federal Constitution. Read more

Amazing! EC allows 39 ways of marking a ballot paper

Source: Free Malaysia Today

Bersih 2.0 acting chairman Shahrul Aman Mohd Saari, executive director Yap Swee Seng, steering committee members Rama Ramanathan and Mandeep Singh want EC to clarify issues highlighted on social media. Pic from FMT News

PETALING JAYA: Electoral reform group Bersih 2.0 has questioned the absence of a voting guide on the Election Commission’s (EC) website, especially on how to vote.

Steering committee member Mandeep Singh said he found 39 valid methods to mark a ballot paper.

“The information isn’t available on their website. We only got this when we attended the Paca (polling and counting agents) training at the EC.

“Only those who attended the training by EC have this information.

“What is more worrying is whether all the volunteers and EC workers are aware of all these 39 valid methods of marking a ballot paper.

“If they are unaware, they may interpret these other methods as spoilt votes,” said Mandeep. Read more

NHRAP should be totally rewritten — Proham

Source: Malaysiakini

By Kuthubul Zaman Bukhari & Denison Jayasooria,
The Society for the Promotion of Human Rights (Proham)

The Society for the Promotion of Human Rights (Proham) calls for a total rewrite of the National Human Rights Action Plan (NHRAP) to ensure that it is consistent with global human rights standards.

Further, Proham calls on political parties in GE14 to declare their commitment to human rights.

Proham is greatly disappointed with the Malaysian government for its lacklustre commitment to human rights as reflected in its formulation of the National Human Rights Action Plan (NHRAP) as mandated by the Vienna Convention and subsequently suggested by Suhakam in 2001 and also recommended by the Universal Periodical Review (UPR) in 2009 and 2013. Read more