HAKAM to hold 27th Annual General Meeting on 30 June 2018


TO BE HELD AT HAKAM’S OFFICE at B-01, Ground Floor, Block B, Kompleks Pejabat Damansara Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, ON SAT 30 JUNE 2018 at 8.30 a.m.



  1. Welcome Address;
  2. Confirmation of Minutes of the 26th Adjourned Annual General Meeting dated 17 June 2017;
  3. Matters Arising;
  4. President’s Report for 2017/2018;
  5. Treasurer’s Financial Report for the Financial Year of 2017;
  6. Election of Office Bearers (President, Deputy President, Secretary General, Treasurer) & Executive Committee and 2 Honorary Auditors;
  7. Any Other Business.

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Report on “Build and Develop Effective Engaging Content” Workshop — Alaleh Eghbali

(All photos courtesy of HAKAM)

Strengthening Civil Society Advocacy Through Effective Engaging Communication

NGOs and CSOs in the new world are continuously trying to engage audiences and spread their message across the public. It may seem that it is getting harder to reach people and get them involved in civil society missions, but it should be noted means of communication have changed; Social Media has changed the game. It has now become the main source of accessing and spreading news and content.


A large number of NGOs and CSOs in Malaysia still rely on the usual traditional methods of advocacy through press statements and forums. These medium have limited capacity to reach, and a limited opportunity of debate and discussions with audiences. In light of these circumstances, HAKAM has embarked on a social media training journey since 2016, with the first workshop “Leverage on Social Media for Impactful Social Change”.  The success of the first workshop, and the positive feedback from the participants, lead to the organization of a second workshop in March 2017.

In the second workshop, facilitated by cilisos.my‘s Lau Chak Onn, members of NGOs and activist gathered to sharpen their skills of content development for social media, and learn how to send their message in the most interesting, informative, and concise way possible.  Read more

HAKAM Workshop: Build and Develop Effective and Engaging Digital Content

A FREE workshop for civil society organisations and individuals advocating for human rights. Admission is by Pre-Registration, by email to info[at]hakam.org.my. Register early as seats are limited.

HAKAM Workshop 2532017
The internet is a power medium civil society can use to create narratives that matter and shape conversations that will influence opinions. We have the opportunity to engage with 10 million Malaysians, a majority of whom are heavy users of social media.

But do we have the type and style of content that people want to read and share? How do we create and build our own content?

Come to this workshop! HAKAM is also learning and needing to pick up better skills to create and develop our online content. We wish to share this workshop with civil society organisations and individuals working on human rights. How do you make human rights matter through online engagement Read more

Watch: Our “Ask Me” Series FBLive #4 with Azmi Sharom, recorded on 27 September 2016

Jom Tanya Azmi Sharom on FBLive #4.

This was a live broadcast, streamed via Facebook Live from HAKAM’s Facebook Page, and recorded on 27 September 2016.

In this FBLive Session #4 broadcast, Assoc Prof Azmi Sharom answered your questions on academic freedom, student activism, the state of administration of the nation, and conflict of laws.

HAKAM thanks Mr Chacko Vadaketh for moderating this Facebook Live broadcast. Read more

With child, without job: Pregnant Malaysian women and workplace discrimination

Source: NST Online

DISCRIMINATION: Being pregnant should be the happiest time in a woman’s life. Unfortunately, many have to choose between family and career, because having a bun in the oven could get you passed over for a promotion, sidelined or even fired. While mothers and wives continue to help out with the family finances and fulfil their household duties, most are still getting the short end of the stick, writes Audrey Vijaindren.

FINDING their positions redundant, being denied promotions, being placed on prolonged probation, demotion and even getting sacked — these are among the unenviable positions many Malaysian women have found themselves in, especially when they are with child.

Shocking as it may seem in this day and age, a recent Workplace Discrimination Survey by the Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) revealed that more than 40 per cent of women polled have experienced job discrimination due to their pregnancy.

The online survey of 222 women polled from across the country revealed that the top five ways employers discriminated against pregnant women were by making their positions redundant, denying them promotions, placing them on prolonged probation, demoting them, and firing them.

WAO launched the survey to promote respect, protection and equal rights for women in the workplace, specifically for pregnant mothers. Read more

Watch: Our “Ask Me” Series FBLive #3 with Marina Mahathir, recorded on 8 September 2016

Jom Tanya Marina Mahathir on FBLive #3.
Illuminating answers to engaging questions.

This was a live broadcast, streamed via Facebook Live from HAKAM’s Facebook Page and recorded on 8 September 2016.

In this FBLive Session #3 broadcast, Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir answered your questions on the topics of gender equality, diversity and Malaysia as a nation.

Check out HAKAM FBLive session to come.

HAKAM thanks Mr Chacko Vadaketh for moderating this Facebook Live broadcast. Read more

Report on on the “Leverage on Social Media for Impactful Social Change” Workshop — Justine Chew

(all photos courtesy of HAKAM)

Strengthening Civil Society Advocacy through Effective Use of Social Media

“When we change to way we communicate, we change society.” — Clay Shirky

Social Media has over the past 10 years changed communication between individuals, organisations and nations. This ever evolving communication technology continues to transform the way people interact and even the way they think.  That is the reason, Social Media now occupies a vital portion of many successful corporations’ organizational and business strategies. Governments have also recognized the power of social media – to further their causes and goals, construct and deconstruct societies. Government and politics are changed, and some destroyed, through the use of social media.


In other parts of the world, civil society leaders and organizations have long teamed up with technology and social media experts to address community challenges through social media and this partnership had created new interesting solutions for those organisations to better serve their community.

However, Malaysian Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have yet to leverage much on social media tools notwithstanding that (a) the tools are readily available, and (b) social media is a proven potent platform to shape conversations and influence opinions, facilitate speedier and more effective engagement and sharing of information.

“Old ways won’t open new doors.”

CSOs have in the past and still do rely on the usual traditional methods of advocacy through press statements and forum and town hall meetings. Traditional medium like these are limited in its capacity to reach and often offer very limited space or time for any discussion or conversation to take place between the speaker and the audience.

Under these circumstances, and seeing the limited success in advocacy campaigns by Malaysian CSOs in general, HAKAM developed and implemented a How to Leverage on Social Media for Impactful Social Change in Malaysia Workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 16-17 July 2016. HAKAM’s strategy for this capacity building workshop was to engage and partner with social media experts to train human rights activists, CSO representatives and volunteers  in harnessing the tools and potential of social media, covering areas of technology and content for effective advocacy. Read more

Watch: Our “Ask Me” Series FBLive #2 with Steven Thiru, recorded on 25 August 2016

Jom Tanya Steven Thiru on FBLive #2.
Crucial answers to important questions.

This was a live broadcast, streamed via Facebook Live from HAKAM’s Facebook Page and recorded on 25 August 2016.

In this FBLive Session #2 broadcast, Mr Steven Thiru, President of the Malaysian Bar, answered your questions on a number of current Malaysian issues, especially on topics dealing with the administration of justice, the Federal Constitution, the concept of separation of powers, the role of the Malaysian Bar in defending human rights, as well as the role of the Malaysian Bar vis a vis various other institutions such as the Judiciary, Attorney General’s Chambers and law enforcement agencies in Malaysia and his thoughts on the legal profession in Malaysia.

Check out HAKAM FBLive sessions to come.

HAKAM thanks Mr Chacko Vadaketh for moderating this Facebook Live broadcast.

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Watch: Our “Ask Me” Series FBLive #1 with Ambiga Sreenevasan, recorded on 16 August 2016

Jom Tanya Ambiga Sreenevasan on FBLive #1.
Candid answers to very pertinent questions.

This was a live broadcast, streamed via Facebook Live from HAKAM’s Facebook Page and recorded on 16 August 2016.

In this FBLive Session #1 broadcast, HAKAM President Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan answered your questions on the Citizen’s Declaration, election reforms in the area of political donations and contributions, the opposition’s chances in the next General Election, treatment of refugees and the UN Convention on Refugees, freedom of expression, her experiences as a human rights advocate, the implications of the 1MDB crisis, the future of Malaysia as a multi-racial nation, and more.

Check out HAKAM FBLive sessions to come.

HAKAM thanks Mr Chacko Vadaketh for moderating this Facebook Live broadcast. Read more

HAKAM Workshop: How to Leverage on Social Media for Impactful Social Change in Malaysia


Why Attend  |  Venue & Tentative Programme  |  About Trainer: Ryan Lim  |  
Scholarships |  How to Apply / Register



Malaysian activists and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) cannot go on using the traditional methods of communication that may have served us well 10 years ago – holding forums and press statements – hoping to bring about awareness on causes, and ultimately to advocate change.

For the past 15 years, HAKAM has been carrying on with its mission on human rights by relying mainly on the same methods we did when it was first established. We face the same issues now as we did 30 years ago, only in a much bigger scale and with higher frequency. How do we carry on our mission, effectively as a resource-strapped NGO? Certainly not with the same tools we had 25 years ago when HAKAM was established.

At HAKAM, we know that doing the same things expecting different results is insane. Hence, we have started building our capacity for communications through social media. Read more