Stories Learnt on the Struggle for Internet Freedoms in Southeast Asia


#NetMerdeka is a campaign by NGOs and activists in Malaysia to advocate freedom of internet and freedom of expression, and rights of the netizens in Malaysia. It is formed in February 2016, in response to increasing proposals to regulate the internet, in particular proposals to amend the already broad and vague Communications and Multimedia Act.  HAKAM is part of this coalition alongside CIJ, SUARAM, Amnsety International Malaysia, and Lawyers for Liberty, just to name a few.

The coalition is moving towards drafting the People’s Charter of the Internet.internet-censorship-1-728

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Read the full findings at the ASEAN People’s Forum 2016 in Dili, Timor Leste, on the struggles of Southeast Asian countries with internet freedom below or download the report “[download-attachment id=”10154″ title=”Stories on Struggles for Internet Freedom”]”: Read more