Report on “Build and Develop Effective Engaging Content” Workshop — Alaleh Eghbali

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Strengthening Civil Society Advocacy Through Effective Engaging Communication

NGOs and CSOs in the new world are continuously trying to engage audiences and spread their message across the public. It may seem that it is getting harder to reach people and get them involved in civil society missions, but it should be noted means of communication have changed; Social Media has changed the game. It has now become the main source of accessing and spreading news and content.


A large number of NGOs and CSOs in Malaysia still rely on the usual traditional methods of advocacy through press statements and forums. These medium have limited capacity to reach, and a limited opportunity of debate and discussions with audiences. In light of these circumstances, HAKAM has embarked on a social media training journey since 2016, with the first workshop “Leverage on Social Media for Impactful Social Change”.  The success of the first workshop, and the positive feedback from the participants, lead to the organization of a second workshop in March 2017.

In the second workshop, facilitated by‘s Lau Chak Onn, members of NGOs and activist gathered to sharpen their skills of content development for social media, and learn how to send their message in the most interesting, informative, and concise way possible.  Read more

HAKAM Workshop: Build and Develop Effective and Engaging Digital Content

A FREE workshop for civil society organisations and individuals advocating for human rights. Admission is by Pre-Registration, by email to info[at] Register early as seats are limited.

HAKAM Workshop 2532017
The internet is a power medium civil society can use to create narratives that matter and shape conversations that will influence opinions. We have the opportunity to engage with 10 million Malaysians, a majority of whom are heavy users of social media.

But do we have the type and style of content that people want to read and share? How do we create and build our own content?

Come to this workshop! HAKAM is also learning and needing to pick up better skills to create and develop our online content. We wish to share this workshop with civil society organisations and individuals working on human rights. How do you make human rights matter through online engagement Read more