What doesn’t kill makes you stronger — The other side of Farouk Musa

Source: FMT News

Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF)’s Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa — Pic drawn from FMT News.

KUALA LUMPUR: The year 2017 was eventful for Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa, who heads the Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF), an organisation he formed eight years ago with the aim of empowering Muslims intellectually.

But it was a path full of thorns, especially when not many, especially within Malaysia’s Islamic bureaucracy, share his ideas on Islam.

His arguments in favour of liberal democracy, secularism, and human rights offer a completely refreshing view from what many have been accustomed to. Farouk believes that challenging long-held views thought as “Islamic” is most effective, and credible, by approaching it from the Islamic scholarly tradition.

That did not stop the government from taking action on him amid accusations that he was promoting “liberal Islam”. Read more

IGP gets flak over warning to atheists

Source: FMT News 

PETALING JAYA: An Islamic think tank has asked Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar to explain his warning to atheists against “creating uneasiness” among Muslims with their activities.

Speaking to FMT, Islamic Renaissance Front director Ahmad Farouk Musa said Khalid was going beyond his jurisdiction. He said the main duty of the police is to maintain order, not to encroach on personal liberties.

“Khalid must explain what ‘creating uneasiness’ means,” he said. “If the atheists are enjoying their freedom to be free of religion without impinging on the rights of others to practise their religions, there shouldn’t be a problem.”

In giving his warning yesterday, Khalid said the Federal Constitution recognised Islam as the official religion and had no provision for atheism. He said police would scrutinise the existing laws to enable appropriate action to be taken should atheists cause anxiety among Muslims.

Last week, federal minister Shahidan Kassim made headlines locally and abroad when he said atheists should be “hunted down”. He claimed they were in violation of the Federal Constitution. Read more

Pelan selaraskan sivil-syariah bakal undang bencana, pengkritik jawab Putrajaya

Sumber: The Malaysian Insider

Pengkritik menyelar cadangan ‘mengharmonikan’ undang-undang sivil dan syariah, kerana undang-undang syariah semasa di Malaysia tidak menyerlahkan keindahan Islam. – Gambar fail The Malaysian Insider, 30 Oktober, 2015.

Kenyataan Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi yang Malaysia kini dalam proses “mengharmonikan” undang-undang sivil dan syariah menyebabkan pengkritik menggesa Putrajaya mempertimbangkan semula keutamaannya, di sebalik keadaan semasa undang-undang Islam di negara ini.

Seorang aktivis Islam menyifatkan kenyataan timbalan perdana menteri itu langkah menarik pengundi Melayu-Islam, manakala seorang peguam berkata, Putrajaya sepatutnya memberi tumpuan menyelesaikan konflik di antara undang-undang syariah dan sivil.

Pengasas Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF) Datuk Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa berkata, kerajaan gagal melaksanakan intipati sebenar undang-undang syariah di Malaysia, dan mengharmonikannya sekarang dengan undang-undang sivil boleh mencetuskan “bencana”. Read more