EC responsible for 10 electoral crimes in GE14, Bersih prelim report finds

Source: The Edge Markets

Bersih 2.0 acting chairman Shahrul Aman Mohd Saari, executive director Yap Swee Seng, steering committee members Rama Ramanathan and Mandeep Singh want EC to clarify issues highlighted on social media. Pic from FMT News

KUALA LUMPUR (May 6): The Election Commission (EC) is responsible for 10 electoral crimes, according to electoral reform group The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih 2.0) preliminary findings on the integrity of the electoral process and system in the 14th General Elections (GE14).

At a press conference today, Bersih 2.0 acting chairperson Shahrul Aman Mohd Saari these findings are based on the group’s ongoing monitoring of the electoral system since 2006 and the PEMANTAU (Election Observers) campaign which focuses on election offenses in the past six months.

“Bersih 2.0 concludes that EC of Malaysia has failed to command public confidence in managing the electoral process and system of Malaysia, in particular for GE14. The seven members of the EC -Tan Sri Mohd Hashim Abdullah, Othman Haji Mahmood, Md Yusop Haji Mansor, Abdul Aziz Khalidin, Sulaiman Haji Narawi, Bala Singam a/l Karupiah, and Leo Chong Cheong have committed 10 serious crimes against the voters in Malaysia, and in so doing has ruined the integrity of GE14,” he said.

Hence, Shahrul Aman said Bersih 2.0 concluded that the upcoming GE14 is already not clean, free, or fair even before the polling day. Read more