Malayan killings families lose UK Supreme Court appeal

Source: BBC News

Relatives of the dead men lost a case at the Court of Appeal last year

Relatives of 24 rubber plantation workers killed by British troops almost 70 years ago in Malaya have lost an appeal for an official investigation.

Five justices in the Supreme Court dismissed the challenge for an inquiry into the shootings at Batang Kali in 1948 by a four to one majority.

The families, who say the men were “massacred”, had their case rejected by the UK Court of Appeal last year.

British forces at the time of the killings said the men were insurgents.

In the Supreme Court panel’s judgement, one of the justices, Lord Kerr, described the case as “shocking” and said the “overwhelming preponderance of currently available evidence” showed “wholly innocent men were mercilessly murdered”.

He said it was “with regret” that he dismissed the appeal. Read more