Nigeria: New Nigerian Law Outlaws Female Circumcision, Forceful Ejection of Widows

Source: AllAfrica

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan signing into law, a bill which prohibits female circumcision.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan signing into law, a bill which prohibits female circumcision. – Nigeria Channels TV

President Goodluck Jonathan has signed two bills recently passed by the National Assembly into law, one of which prohibits female circumcision.

The new Acts are the Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Act, 2015 and the Immigration Act, 2015.

Spokesman for the President, Reuben Abati, confirmed the development to reporters in Abuja on Monday. Read more

UN, Malaysia Groups Seek to Repeal Fatwa Requiring FGM

Source: Voice of America

BANGKOK— In 2009, Malaysia’s National Fatwa Committee, the nation’s top Islamic council, required all Muslim women in the country to undergo female genital mutilation, otherwise known as female circumcision.

A recent study indicated that nearly all Muslim women in the country have had the procedure. But now the United Nations is working with the Committee to repeal ruling that made it mandatory.

Government health officials who are in negotiations with Malaysia’s National Fatwa Committee say the ruling by the country’s top religious authority requiring female genital cutting for all Muslim women may be overturned.

The World Health Organization defines any type of invasive procedure in the female genital area as mutilation, and subdivides practices into four types of increasing severity. It has banned them all. Read more

Female Circumcision Is Becoming More Popular in Malaysia – Marta Kasztelan

Source: Vice


19 year-old Syahiera Atika (center), poses with her friends in front of a Kuala Lumpur mall

I meet 19-year-old Syahiera Atika at the mall. She spends most Sundays prowling Kuala Lumpur’s mega malls like other women her age, but as she eagerly points out she’s also different. Syahiera is a modern incarnation of Malay culture: She happily embraces Western-style capitalism, while at the same time strictly following the local interpretation of Islam. And as she proudly informs me, that also means she’s circumcised.

“I’m circumcised because it is required by Islam,” she says. The Malay word she uses is wajib, meaning any religious duty commanded by Allah. Syahiera is aware of how female circumcision is perceived in the West, but rejects any notion that it’s inhumane. “I don’t think the way we do it here is harmful,” she says. “It protects young girls from premarital sex as it is supposed to lower their sex drive. But I am not sure it always works.” She giggles at this thought.

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