Khalid Samad freed of sedition charge from Mais remarks

Source: The Malay Mail

In 2014, MP Khalid Samad suggested that state laws be amended to remove Mais’ power over enforcement, after it refused to return hundred of bibles seized from the Bible Society of Malaysia. — Picture by Yusof Mat Isa

KUALA LUMPUR, June 7 — The Sessions Court here today acquitted Shah Alam member of parliament Khalid Abdul Samad of sedition against the Selangor Islamic Religious Council (Mais).

Judge Rohatul Akmar Abdullah ruled that the prosecution had failed to prove a prima facie case against Khalid, 61, at the conclusion of its case.

She said the court found the words and paragraph in Khalid’s statement in question to be a suggestion to review Mais’ authority.

“The suggestion and views were reasonable. Hence it is not safe to order the accused to enter his defence. Therefore the court discharges and acquit him of the charge,” ruled the judge. Read more

Khalid Samad fined for teaching Islam without credentials (Updated)

Source: The Sundaily

Pic from the Star Online.

Pic from the Star Online.

KLANG: Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad was fined RM2,900 in lieu of three months’ jail after being found guilty last month for teaching Islam without credentials over a talk he gave at a surau in Kapar in 2011.

The fine means that Khalid would be disqualified as an MP under Article 48 (1) (e) of the Federal Constitution.

Under the Article 48 (1) (e), an MP can be disqualified if he has been convicted of an offence by a court of law in the Federation (or before Malaysia Day in the territories comprised in the State of Sabah or Sarawak or in Singapore) and sentenced to imprisonment for a term of not less than one year or to a fine of not less than RM2,000 and has not received a free pardon.

The Amanah communications director was charged under Section 119 (1) of the Selangor Islamic Law Administration Enactment which provides for a fine of up to RM3,000 or a maximum jail term of two years, or both, upon conviction. Read more

Khalid Samad due to be sentenced for teaching Islam without a permit

Source: The Star Online

Pic from the Star Online.

Pic from the Star Online.

PETALING JAYA: Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad is set to be sentenced Thursday at the Klang Syariah Court over a charge of teaching Islam without a permit.

The Parti Amanah Negara lawmaker may even lose his Parliamentary seat, depending on the severity of the sentence.

Khalid was charged in April 2012 by the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) for teaching Islam without first obtaining the necessary credentials when speaking at a surau in Klang.

“In 2011, I went to Gaza, Palestine. When I came back, there was this surau which invited to me to give a speech on my trip. So I went and I was therefore charged with teaching Islam without a permit,” he said. Read more

Systematic thuggery on the rise in Malaysia — Zan Azlee

Source: Asian Correspondent

Riot police standing guard as they made sure to prevent the red and yellow shirts from clashing during Saturday's rallies. Pic by Zan Azlee for Asian Correspondent.

Riot police standing guard as they made sure to prevent the red and yellow shirts from clashing during Saturday’s rallies. Pic by Zan Azlee for Asian Correspondent.

IT looks like political thuggery is fast becoming legit and commonplace in Malaysia. The perception that state-sponsored thuggery is starting to proliferate is on the high side among many citizens in the country and you can’t blame them.

There have been many cases where groups that are known to have links with the ruling party, mainly Umno (United Malays National Organisation), resorting to violence to counter any ideas and opinions that go against theirs. Here are some of the more recent ones that have been in the media. Read more