Insidious attempt to rewrite reality — Zurairi Ar

Source: Malay Mail Online


DECEMBER 17 — There are few things more depressing than celebrating Human Rights Day in a country that refuses to fully recognise the rights of some of its citizens.

Adding salt to the wound, this year saw a group’s brazen attempt to rewrite the reality lived by many in this country.

We saw the first public lobbying by a new coalition calling itself Malaysian Alliance of Civil Society Organisations in the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Process, or Macsa in an attempt to re-shape human rights in this country.

Macsa’s demands are blatant. Firstly, it wishes for limitations in freedom of speech that includes blasphemy laws.

What this essentially means is continued endorsement of the use of the State’s power to punish citizens under vaguely-defined laws that promise to protect religions against insults and mockery.

In reality though, the enforcements of such laws would inevitably just protect the status quo that already holds considerable political power, in addition to extra authority through a separate parallel judiciary system. Read more