This idea must live – Netusha Naidu

Source: The Malaysian Insider


The deliverance of bad news is never pleasing to one, unless they are consumed by a hatred so strong that it corrupts any sense of moral principle to recognise the hypocritical violation of human rights that execution is.

Hearing about Saudi Arabia’s interior ministry executing 47 people on the basis of “terrorist charges” has caught the world’s attention – particularly the Shia religious leader, Nimr al-Nimr.

More so, even Al-Qaeda members did not escape this tragedy. To some, it may be closer to Saudi Arabia acknowledging and taking action to end “the war of terrorism” but to others, this incident is just another enormous paradoxical moment that morbidly reinforces what we would call, the ideals of terrorism.

Isis has evolved from being downplayed as a regional threat to a global, ever expanding movement that has asserted its power through violence.

Due to its claim to faithfully abide to religious principles, Isis is known to have its own brand of Islam. Read more