Time for electoral reforms – Ramon Navaratnam

Source: The Star Online


I WOULD like to congratulate Datuk Seri Mohd Hashim Abdullah on his recent promotion to the prestigious but onerous post of Election Commission chairman.

I am sure voters will also laud him loudly for giving his fresh and independent insights on how we can modernise the electoral commission and the electoral process. We need radical reforms to our somewhat stale electoral system.

Indeed, Mohd Hashim has started on the right foot by stating publicly that he might be introducing some electoral changes to put us on par with systems enjoyed by more mature developed countries!

And why not? After all, we are on the threshold of becoming a developed nation – if we achieve our target date of 2020! Thus, we have to reform our election system accordingly. Read more

EC should serve Malaysians, not worsen trust deficit – Ramon Navaratnam

Source: The Malaysian Insider


The Election Commission (EC) should serve us Malaysians – the rakyat, the voters and our country, much better and be more dutiful in discharging its onerous duties.

The current trust deficit in our country will deepen if EC chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof takes the line that the Automatic Electoral Registration system cannot be implemented since the Barisan Nasional does not have a two-thirds majority in Parliament.

Why does he have to get involved in politics and degrade the independence and integrity of the EC? Read more