Govt urged to relax citizenship laws

Source: Free Malaysia Today

PETALING JAYA: Sungai Siput MP Michael Jeyakumar has urged the government to amend the laws that prevent the granting of citizenship to thousands of stateless children.

Speaking to FMT, he noted that most of the affected children came from marginalised working class families and the problem they faced had much to do with strict rules imposed by the government under various laws.

He said his party, Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM), had brought many cases to the government’s attention, “but until changes are made by those at the top, nothing can be resolved.”

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The plight of the stateless in Malaysia — Eric Paulsen

Source: Free Malaysia Today

By Eric Paulsen

Of all the tragedies to befall the stateless community in Malaysia, perhaps the greatest one is that they are treated as little more than a political gimmick, a useful way to earn votes as election season swings around.

In May 2017, with the 14th General Election around the corner, MIC President Dr. S Subramaniam announced the Mega MyDaftar campaign to reach out to undocumented citizens of Indian descent. The campaign ran from 3 to 26 June 2017, and received some 2500 applications.

Whilst the initiative on its own is commendable, there are obvious questions to be asked. Why was this project launched by Dr S. Subramaniam (he is the Minister of Health) and supported by MIC when the citizenship registration exercise should be the mundane day-to-day job of the National Registration Department (NRD).

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Ilmu Seks: How to get more Malays to talk openly about sex

Source: Malay Mail Online

(From left to right) Shayne Wyatt, Mischa Selamat, Herinza and Mussy Del C pose for a picture after an interview with Malay Mail in Kuala Lumpur. — Picture by Yusof Mat Isa via Malay Mail Online

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 9 — Medical graduate Shayne Wyatt, 24, first had sex a few years ago and it was also when he caught a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

For a month, he was in pain as he visited several general practitioners, even undergoing the uncomfortable procedure of a colonoscopy — an examination where a probe with camera is inserted into the anal cavity.

And yet, he was misdiagnosed as suffering from a haemorrhoid.

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Suhakam: Stop imposing conditions on stateless kids entering schools

Source: Free Malaysia Today

PETALING JAYA: The Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) has criticised the government for still imposing conditions on stateless children wanting to enter public schools.

Suhakam chief Razali Ismail said the position taken by the government is severe and detrimental to such children.

He was referring to the statement by Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi on Jan 11 that only stateless children whose citizenship applications are pending will be allowed to enrol in government schools.

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Siblings thrilled to resume school

Source: The Star

BUTTERWORTH: The school bell rang, signalling the start of class, and excitement soon filled the eyes of V. Agilandaiswary, 12, and her sister V. Thuranayagi, 11, in SJK (T) Mak Mandin here.

The sisters are finally back in school, resuming their studies with friends and preparing for examinations after getting their temporary permit from the Education Department.

The siblings, as well as their brother V. Suria, 13, who is now studying in SM Mak Mandin, have not been attending school since the new term started because they have been listed as “non-citizens” in their birth certificates.

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In Selangor, another stateless child awaits citizenship to attend school

Source: Written by A. Ruban for Malay Mail Online

Thevasegamani speaking at press conference

Thevasegamani (centre) speaking during a press conference in Klang, January 15, 2018. — Picture by Yusof Mat Isa from Malay Mail Online

KLANG, Jan 15 — A father is at his wit’s end after the Selangor Education Department purportedly informed him that his 13-year-old daughter will not be able to attend school until she sorts out her citizenship status.

The girl’s estranged mother is an Indonesian citizen and the father, P. Thevasegamani had apparently registered her as a non-Malaysian citizen when she was born.

Thevasegamani claimed the National Registration Department (NRD) had also told him the same thing as the state education department.

But his daughter had attended public school until standard six despite having a non-Malaysian birth certificate.

“I am not sure what seems to be the problem now. My daughter was born in Klang in 2005 but because her mother is not a Malaysian citizen, we were told to register my girl as a non-Malaysian citizen.

“I paid a levy of RM120 to enrol her at a Tamil school here, but now the (state) education department is telling me get a passport for my daughter in order to go to a secondary school,” he told Malay Mail.

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SUPP urges Putrajaya help in stateless children’s cases

Source: The Star 

The Star

Lee Kim Shin discussing with Affrizan and the children Vincent, 10, Zoey, 8 (in pink) and Eliza, 7.

MIRI: Sarawak United Peoples Party (SUPP) is appealing to Putrajaya to expedite the documents for stateless children in Sarawak – and to allow them to start schooling while these citizenship woes are being sorted out.

SUPP vice-president Datuk Lee Kim Shin is trying to secure schooling for three stateless kids in Miri who are orphans at the Miri Methodist Children Home.

The home last year took in these three kids, Vincent, 10, Zoey, 8 and Eliza, 7, whose parents had abandoned them.

However they have no proper birth certificate because their parents did not register their birth.

The home sought the help of Lee who is state assemblyman for Senadin after they were unable enrol them for the new school year due to the document woes.

Lee is arranging for these kids to meet with the Miri Education Department officers on Thursday morning. Read more

Pahang biker teacher rides into hearts of social media users

Source: New Strait Times

eacher Ahmad Saidin Mohd Idris has literally become an overnight internet sensation after an article about him riding his motorcycle 135km daily to teach at SK Lenjang, Lipis, was published online yesterday. Pix by Nazirul Roselan for the Star.

KUANTAN: Teacher Ahmad Saidin Mohd Idris has literally become an overnight internet sensation after an article about him riding his motorcycle 135km daily to teach at SK Lenjang, Lipis, was published online yesterday.

Netizens from all walks of life were abuzz on social media, posting heart-warming messages – with many calling Ahmad Saidin a hero for overcoming great adversity to fulfill his responsibilities to teach his 400-odd Orang Asli pupils at the school.

Some were even prepared to go the extra mile and organise a fundraising campaign to assist the 40-year-old to travel using a much safer mode of transport and reduce his burden of paying for patrol.

However, the down-to-earth father-of-two said he would prefer that his well-wishers assist the Orang Asli pupils by providing aid to help them, rather than using it for him.

“I enjoy teaching here and am happy with what I am doing. Instead, it would be good if people can assist the Orang Asli children and I am sure they would be grateful. Read more

Sabah told to use right to register births and deaths

Source: FMT News


Darell Leiking says a child of a Sabahan parent is a citizen and can’t be denied access to education. – Pic taken from FMT News

PETALING JAYA: Penampang MP Darell Leiking has urged the Sabah government to take charge of birth and death registration in the state amid a controversy over the religious status of a boy who was born to a Christian woman but registered as a Muslim in his birth certificate.

Speaking to FMT, Leiking said the right to register births and deaths in Sabah belonged to the state under the Sabah Birth and Death Registration Ordinance. Read more

Report: Penang-born stateless siblings now allowed back in school

Source: The Malay Mail Online

File picture showing Vengadeswaran’s family and friends holding placards in front of the state Education Department office in George Town, January 25, 2017. ― Pictures by KE Ooi for the MMO.

File picture showing Vengadeswaran’s family and friends holding placards in front of the state Education Department office in George Town, January 25, 2017. ― Pictures by KE Ooi for the MMO.

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 31 — Booted from school last year, three undocumented Penang-born siblings recently received the greenlight to return to SJK(T) Mak Mandin in Butterworth today.

The Penang Education Department was reported by theSun daily to have issued a letter to the children’s Malaysian father M Vengadeswaran, 44 allowing the three siblings aged 10 to 12 to continue their disrupted studies.

However, the news report added that Suriya, Agilandaswari, and Thuranayagi are only allowed to study there for six more months before they are required to produce new birth certificates issued by the National Registration Department (NRD) to continue their education at the public school.

The three children who were born to an Indonesian mother do not have their Malaysian father’s name or their citizenship stated in their birth certificates. Read more