Abuse of Domestic Workers is Unacceptable and Must be Punished Accordingly — Malaysian Bar

Source: Malaysian Bar

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Abuse of Domestic Workers is Unacceptable and Must be Punished Accordingly

The Malaysian Bar supports the Attorney General’s decision to file a notice of appeal against the manifestly inadequate sentence imposed on Datin Rozita Mohamad Ali, who was let off with merely a good behaviour bond for five years with one surety of RM20,000 by the Petaling Jaya Sessions Court on 15 March 2018.  She had pled guilty to a charge of voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means, under Section 326 of the Penal Code.

Datin Rozita Mohamad Ali had used a kitchen knife, a clothes hanger, a steel mop and an umbrella to cause multiple injuries to migrant domestic worker Suyanti Sutrinso’s head, hands, legs and internal organs.

The blatantly light sentence meted upon the accused is shocking and inappropriate, especially in light of the extreme and appalling nature of the injuries inflicted upon Suyanti Sutrinso. Read more

How did maid abuser get light sentence, asks Suhakam

Source: The Malaysian Insight

THE Malaysia Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) is perplexed as to how a woman was given a light sentence for abusing her domestic helper.

Suhakam chairman Razali Ismail said the commission was dissatisfied with the sessions court that has sentenced Rozita Mohd Ali to only be placed on a good behaviour bond for five years.

“A migrant worker has suffered severe physical mistreatment and violence at the hands of her employer.

“This decision raises questions of not only the injustice and inadequacies in the protections afforded under Malaysian law for migrant domestic workers, but apparent bias towards employers,”   he said in statement today. Read more