Violence against women in Malaysia — Awam

Source: The Malay Mail Online


MARCH 8 — This International Women’s Day, we note with pleasure the international upsurge in public condemnation of influential individuals involved in cases of sexual harassment. This marks a great step forward in tackling an issue that has long plagued the public sphere, and we hope that more people are encouraged to step forward and speak their truth.

However, pinning the blame on individual perpetrators is not enough. These incidences of sexual harassment cannot be isolated from the social and cultural norms within which they are rooted. Sexual harassment is also just one of the ways that the patriarchy exacts violence against women. Read more

Parents, Here’s What You Can Do If Someone Sexual Harasses Your Child At A Theme Park

Source: Malaysian Digest

“Victims must find courage to speak up, lodge complaints and make police reports when sexual harassment occurs. Witnesses especially need to call out, speak out and act when we see harassment taking place. Taking pictures or video of the unacceptable behaviour is one way. Communities need to be more caring and less tolerant when it comes to harassment. Harassment is unacceptable and children, especially need to be protected. We can look out for each other. We can start with not victim-blaming and understanding that it takes courage to call out sexual harassment. With movements like #StopStreetHarrassment, #HandsOff, #MeToo and #TimesUp, I hope that the awareness will give courage for victims to call out the harassment and lodge the necessary report to the authorities.”– Robyn Choi, HAKAM Secretary-General, in advocating for every Malaysian to act together as a community to curb such incidents from recurring, instead of solely depending on the authorities to act on such matters.

Image taken from Malaysian Digest

Malaysian theme parks came under the spotlight recently after Filipino celebrity Ruffa Gutierrez posted an unfortunate account of sexual harassment her two daughters had faced at a local theme park during their holiday here.

Not only was the Gutierrez-family experience embarrassing for our country as the group of men acted like hooligans at a family-friendly establishment, but when the incident became viral, it also captured international headlines that questioned ‘Are Malaysian theme parks safe?’

While the theme park in question have assured the safety of its guests is of utmost priority and relayed they take the matter seriously, the incident has also served as an eye-opener for other parents to keep watch over their children, despite being in a family-friendly environment. Read more

Integrate Cedaw at all levels — Women’s NGO Coalition

Source: The Star

By Women’s NGO Coalition

AFTER a delay of almost 10 years and continuous lobbying by various women’s groups, Malaysia is finally undergoing its second review under the Convention of the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (Cedaw) on Feb 20 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The government of Malaysia will be sending a 24-member delegation to engage in a constructive dialogue with the Cedaw Committee, which will be evaluating the country’s progress in implementing its obligations to uphold and promote women’s human rights.

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Clothing should not be excuse for sexual harassment, says Khairy

Source: Malay Mail Online

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 8 — Women’s outfits should not be used as an excuse for sexual harassment, Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said.

Most women become victims in the issue and it is not fair that various reasons are brought against them.

He said he personally viewed sexual harassment issues as serious, which if not dealt with, can become a crime.

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Ilmu Seks: How to get more Malays to talk openly about sex

Source: Malay Mail Online

(From left to right) Shayne Wyatt, Mischa Selamat, Herinza and Mussy Del C pose for a picture after an interview with Malay Mail in Kuala Lumpur. — Picture by Yusof Mat Isa via Malay Mail Online

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 9 — Medical graduate Shayne Wyatt, 24, first had sex a few years ago and it was also when he caught a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

For a month, he was in pain as he visited several general practitioners, even undergoing the uncomfortable procedure of a colonoscopy — an examination where a probe with camera is inserted into the anal cavity.

And yet, he was misdiagnosed as suffering from a haemorrhoid.

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PDC Seminar on Sexual Harassment

Source: The Kuala Lumpur Bar

This seminar will cover this recent and differing views of the Industrial Court on what constitutes sexual harassment and also, the present legislative recourse available to victims of sexual harassment within the workplace. The seminar will also deal with practical aspects of dealing with sexual harassment and good workplace policies and practices to educate, manage and minimise incidences of sexual harassment.

Finally, the recent development in the recognition of the new tortuous category by the Federal Court,t eh tort of sexual harassment, in Mohd Ridzwan Abdul Razal v Asmah Hj Mohd Nor, will be analysed and discussed as it imposes further obligations on employers to take immediate sensitive steps in dealing with incidences of sexual harassment.

NGOs call for a ‘safe space’ for sexual abuse victims to be heard

Source: The Star

PETALING JAYA: Women’s rights organisations in Malaysia are calling for a “safe space” where women can speak up on sexual violence and harassment.

“In a world of changing cultural values of modern society, women’s rights along with other human rights groups have an important responsibility to stand up in solidarity to create safe spaces for victims of sexual violence and sexual harassment,” said the Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG) in a statement on Tuesday (Feb 6).

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#MeToo goes global but is Malaysia ready for it?

Source: The Malaysian Insight

THANKS to the power of the internet, the #MeToo movement has spread globally and in Malaysia, it has resonated with many, prompting people to speak up about their experiences of being sexually harassed or assaulted.

One of them is a 26-year-old Muslim man of mixed ethnicity, who asked to be identified as Peter. Standing 180cm tall, he comes across as a decisive person, but hides a dark secret.

Peter was sexually harassed when he was 15. In the years since then, until speaking out because of #MeToo, his mind would shut off whenever he the incident returns.

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‘Rape victim’s tudung did not save her’

Source: Free Malaysia Today

PETALING JAYA: The recent conviction of a Kelantan man for rape and murder has prompted an activist lawyer to question the effectiveness of PAS’s Islamic administration, particularly as it pertains to the protection of women.

Nik Elin Rashid, who is a Kelantan native, said one would have expected sexual offences and violent crimes to be rare in a state governed according to Islamic principles.

Last Wednesday, the Kota Bharu High Court found Mohammad Awari Ahmad, 25, guilty of the 2015 rape and murder of housewife Yashmin Fauzi. He was sentenced to death for the murder and 18 years’ jail and 12 strokes of the rotan for the rape.

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Whither Malaysia’s #MeToo movement? — Boo Su-Lyn

Source: Malay Mail Online


JANUARY 19 ― While the #MeToo movement has brought down powerful American men in Hollywood, politics, and the media, the clarion call against sexual harassment is strangely silent in Malaysia.

#MeToo (or “wo ye shi” [#我也是]) has also failed to take off in China, although a former doctoral student’s sexual assault allegations against a leading computer scientist, who allegedly attacked at least seven other students, have gone viral and led to the professor’s suspension from Beihang University in Beijing.

Actresses in Bollywood and other Indian film industries have also spoken out against sexual harassment that is considered an open secret in Indian cinema.

Malaysian women, however, have yet to widely embrace the #MeToo movement, though several did use the hashtag when it came out several days after allegations of sexual harassment against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein broke last October.

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