US official: Rohingya migrants enjoy good conditions in Malaysia

Source: The Malay Mail Online

Anne Richard (left) visits the Belantik detention camp for the Rohingya migrants in Bandar Muadzam Shah, Kedah.

KUALA LUMPUR, June 5 — The condition of the Rohingya boat people  in Malaysia is acceptable compared to the conditions in Thai and Indonesian detention camps, US Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration Anne Richard said.

She was satisfied with the layout and accommodation facilities at the Belantik detention camp in Kedah.

“They are being held in modern facilities with clean conditions but they don’t know what to expect (about their future),” she said, adding that the government should review their status quickly.

“I’m surprised by the generosity of Malaysians and how rapidly the general public has organised and sent aid to the immigrants,” she said. Read more

Hudud should apply to all Malaysians, Jakim paper suggests

Source: The Malay Mail Online

Hudud Cartoon by Reggie Lee

Hudud Cartoon by Reggie Lee

KUALA LUMPUR, June 5 — The Federal Constitution does not bar the incorporation of hudud into the Penal Code and subsequent application to all Malaysians, federal religious authorities argued in a working paper to implement the Islamic penal law.

In the document sighted by The Malay Mail Online, the paper by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim), stated it was vital for all local laws to be harmonised with Islamic principles.

The paper cited as evidence Article 3(1) in the Constitution that states Islam as the religion of the federation and the Oath of office of Yang di-Pertuan Agong requiring the ruler to “protect the religion of Islam”. Read more