Removing the mandatory death penalty as a first step towards full abolition – Kirsten Han

Source: The Online Citizen


ASIAN Regional Conference on Death Penalty-2-650x488

Pic by Kirsten Han

A workshop session at the first Asian Congress of Death Penalty in Kuala Lumpur agreed on Thursday that the mandatory death penalty could be the low-hanging fruit for the abolitionist movement, and that its removal would be a step towards getting rid of capital punishment.

Professor Chan Wing Cheong, associate professor at the School of Law at the National University of Singapore, said the way the Misuse of Drugs Act and the mandatory death penalty were applied raised many points of concern.

Presumption clauses, for example, make it very difficult for an individual to prove his or her innocence.

“The prosecution can charge a person for trafficking, but they don’t have to prove trafficking. They only have to prove possession,” he said. Read more