Stick to civil servants, not indie scene, publisher tells civics bureau


Source: The Malaysian Insider

Putrajaya’s National Civics Bureau (BTN) should focus on its role on human development, especially among public sector employees and not meddle in the affairs of the Malaysian “indie” music and literature movement, said publisher Faisal Mustaffa said.

The Merpati Jingga managing director said that he was concerned the allegations made by BTN would affect writers and the publishing industry.

“BTN should focus on issues such as uplifting values, especially among the civil service.

“Do not waste taxpayers’ money. There is a lot more BTN needs to do for the sake of human development,” he told The Malaysian Insider.

BTN had red-flagged the Malaysian “indie” music and literature movement, saying that it is anti-establishment and could impact the results of the next general election.

In a document that was earlier available online but which has since been removed, BTN also highlighted student activist Adam Adli Abd Halim, DAP member Melati Rahim, and writer and independent filmmaker Amir Muhammad as being members of the indie scene.

BTN, an agency under the Prime Minister’s Department, which critics say functions to “brainwash” civil servants into being loyal to the government, described indie (independent) music as ska, hip hop and rap while its literature genres include Zine, Blook (Blog + Book), Blog, Facebook and Telegram. – June 16, 2015.