Climate change health risk a ‘medical emergency’, experts warn

Source: The Malaysian Insider

The threat to human health from climate change is so great that it could undermine the last 50 years of gains in development and global health, experts warned today.

Extreme weather events such as floods and heat waves bring rising risks of infectious diseases, poor nutrition and stress, the specialists said, while polluted cities where people work long hours and have no time or space to walk, cycle or relax are bad for the heart as well as respiratory and mental health. Read more

Indigenous rights group calls for PSC to look into land disputes

Source: The Star Online

PETALING JAYA: The Indigenous People’s Network of Malaysia has called for the setting up of a Parliamentary Select Committee for land disputes following a task force’s findings on an indigenous land inquiry report.

Jannie Lasimbang - The Star file pic

Jannie Lasimbang – The Star file pic

The network, or JOAS secretariat director Jannie Lasimbang said the PSC could also look into efforts to prop up redress mechanisms such as the Native Title Court or Land Tribunal.

“We strongly urge for the formation of a PSC to monitor the research and drafting/amending relevant legislations and work with the local/state authorities on the Prime Minister’s commitment to resolve land disputes,” she said in a statement on Tuesday. Read more

Law enforcement and corruption – P. Sundramoorthy

Source: The Sun Daily


Law enforcement corruption destroys enforcement agencies, the criminal justice system, government and society.

There are many types of law enforcement corruption. Let’s look at some of the most common forms. In the context of law enforcement corruption, bribery is giving or receiving any item of value to influence an officer from taking legitimate action.

Extortion is also somewhat common and is similar to bribery. Extortion is threatening someone to obtain money, property or sexual favours. Here, an officer might threaten to have someone falsely prosecuted if that person doesn’t pay the officer. Extortion always involves a threat. Read more