National Response to Natural Disasters – A Working Framework: Roundtable Discussion

Roundtable discussion: 5 August 2015


It is HAKAM’s position that victims of natural disasters have the right to live in a reasonably healthy and safe environment and something must be done to ensure in times of disaster a proper system is in place that will work towards contributing to the effective protection of their inherent right to life.

Arising from these devastating floods late 2014 which affected various states of Malaysia, the failure of the government’s disaster management machinery in assisting victims and in light of Putrajaya’s stance that “Malaysians must learn to be more self-reliant and not depend solely on government agencies to handle flood disasters”, and with the continuous suffering of the flood victims to-date, HAKAM has embarked on a special initiative which we call the National Response to Natural Disasters – A Working Framework (NR2D Framework).

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The role of civil society organisations remains crucial in all phases of disaster management namely relief, response, rehabilitation, reconstruction, recovery, preparedness and mitigation. Read more