Putrajaya bought spyware from Hacking Team, leaked info shows

Source: The Malaysian Insider

Leaked information posted on Hacking Team’s own Twitter feed shows its Malaysian customers. – medium.com pic, July 7, 2015.

Leaked information online revealed that the Malaysian government was among the countries buying services from Milan-based hackers, Hacking Team, who have been selling software to repressive governments to spy on their citizens.

This was revealed after Hacking Team itself became the victim of a major hack over the weekend, where the leaked information, including its client list, was posted on its own Twitter feed.

According to a posting by Twitter user @obeselowlife on blogging website medium.com, Malaysian Intelligence and the Prime Minister’s Office are clients of the Hacking Team.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) was a former client but invoices uploaded by Twitter user @SynAckPwn showed that the contract with the anti-graft body had lapsed, the posting said.

The leaked invoices also indicated that the purchases were routed through a Malaysian surveillance tech reseller in Shah Alam – Miliserv Technologies. Read more

Break the silence, to put an end to violence against children — UNICEF Malaysia

Source: The Malay Mail Online

child abuse

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JULY 6 — UNICEF Malaysia is deeply concerned over the recent case of severe child abuse that has been highlighted in the media over the past week. More so, because we know this is not an isolated case. According to data available from the Department of Social Welfare, an average of nine children suffered abuse in Malaysia every day in 2011. And that figure applies only to reported cases. Many more children suffer abuse and neglect in silence and behind closed doors.

To best protect children from harm, action is needed before the harm ever takes place. That means fostering, creating and building an environment that protects and upholds their rights to be cared for and to feel safe, so as to prevent cases of abuse from ever occurring. Read more