Refugees and migrants: A crisis of solidarity — Ban-Ki Moon

Source: The Malay Mail Online


United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon -- AP

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon — AP

MAY 9 — This September, the United Nations General Assembly will bring together world leaders to address one of the leading challenges of our time: responding to large movements of refugees and migrants.

War, human rights violations, underdevelopment, climate change and natural disasters are leading more people to leave their homes than at any time since we have had reliable data.  More than 60 million people — half of them children — have fled violence or persecution and are now refugees and internally displaced persons.  An additional 225 million are migrants who have left their countries in search of better opportunities or simply for survival.

But this is not a crisis of numbers; it is a crisis of solidarity.  Almost 90 per cent of the world’s refugees are hosted in developing countries.  Eight countries host more than half the world’s refugees.  Just ten countries provide 75 per cent of the UN’s budget to ease and resolve their plight. Read more