PM yet to fix date for implementation of NSC Act, says Nancy

Source: The Malay Mail Online

NSC_Act_2016KUALA LUMPUR, June 13 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has yet to fix a date to implement the National Security Council Act 2016 said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Nancy Shukri.

Nancy said the National Security Council Act 2016 was gazetted on June 7.

She said the Bill had become law as it had passed the thirty days period of which it should be assented to by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong after it was passed by both Dewan Rakyat and the Senate.

“This is in accordance with Clause (4A) of Article 66 of the Federal Constitution,” she said in a statement tonight. Read more

HAKAM Workshop: How to Leverage on Social Media for Impactful Social Change in Malaysia


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Malaysian activists and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) cannot go on using the traditional methods of communication that may have served us well 10 years ago – holding forums and press statements – hoping to bring about awareness on causes, and ultimately to advocate change.

For the past 15 years, HAKAM has been carrying on with its mission on human rights by relying mainly on the same methods we did when it was first established. We face the same issues now as we did 30 years ago, only in a much bigger scale and with higher frequency. How do we carry on our mission, effectively as a resource-strapped NGO? Certainly not with the same tools we had 25 years ago when HAKAM was established.

At HAKAM, we know that doing the same things expecting different results is insane. Hence, we have started building our capacity for communications through social media. Read more

Courts have dealt with basic structure doctrine – Gurdial Singh Nijar

Source: The Sundaily

(Deputy President, HAKAM)

“PAS bill – unconstitutional?” (Letters, June 13) refers. Simon Wood says that Malaysian courts have rejected the proposition that there is a basic structure of the Constitution that must be upheld.

He cites Phang Chin Hock’s case in support. It is important to note that in this case this point was left open. Suffian LP said:
“For the reasons which will appear when we deal with the third point in a moment, it is unnecessary for us to say whether or not Parliament’s power of constitutional amendment extends to destroying the basic structure of the Constitution.”

And again in the Federal Court case, Mark Koding v Public Prosecutor, his lordship chose not to deliver an opinion on the applicability of the doctrine:

“… it was therefore unnecessary for us to consider the question whether or not Parliament has power to so amend the Constitution as to alter its basic structure whatever that may be.”

Simon expresses the hope that with the probable passing of the PAS bill it might be an appropriate time for the Federal Court to reconsider whether this doctrine has application to Malaysia’s complex system of government.

Actually he need wait no longer. The Federal Court in the case of Sivarasa decided that such a doctrine applies. Read more

Suaram queries Shafee’s appointment as human rights envoy

Source: FMT News

KUALA LUMPUR: Putrajaya should cease its attempt to misdirect the international community on its human rights record, said Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM) in a statement.
The on-going human rights violations and clampdown against freedom of expression and other human rights, added Suaram Executive Director Sevan Doraisamy in the statement, “makes it clear that the government has little to no interest in fulfilling its obligations to defend human rights”.

Suaram was questioning “the unconvincing decision” to appoint Muhammad Shafee Abdullah as the Malaysian ambassador-at-large for human rights. “He has no credible record on defending human rights in Malaysia,” charged Doraisamy. Read more