Parents just aren’t doing enough

Source: The Star Online

Most parents are worried sick about their child’s safety online yet the majority aren’t doing anything to protect their kids. And, those who have, still aren’t doing enough.

ChidlSafetyWE aren’t doing enough to protect our kids.

A whopping 95% of Malaysians worry about their child’s safety online, with over 60% of parents claiming that their children were cyber crime victims. Yet, less than half of those surveyed actually acted on those fears.

Parents here are grappling with their children facing cyber bullying, online predators and privacy concerns, but only 48% have actually done something, reveals Symantec Asia Pacific (Asia Consumer Business) director Choon Hong Chee.

The measures taken range from basic steps like only allowing Internet access with parental supervision and checking browser history, to more savvy actions like installing trackers on their kids’ devices.

Protecting children online, he says, is weighing heavier on parents now more than ever before. Read more