Suhakam: Hold inquests for all deaths at detention centres


Source: FMT

After allegations of abuse and deaths of seven detainees in Juru, human rights commission makes unannounced visit and says only one detainee died, a Cambodian woman who had a heart attack in May.

PETALING JAYA: The human rights commission, Suhakam, has called for inquests to be held into all deaths at immigration detention centres, after making an unannounced visit to Juru, where seven people were alleged to have died after physical abuse by warders.

Suhakam said members of the commission and the Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission, jointly conducted an unannounced visit to the Juru centre after allegations of abuse purportedly causing the death of five Cambodian and two Vietnamese detainees this year.

In a statement today, Suhakam said Immigration officials had stated that the allegations were unsubstantiated.

“Only one detainee had died in 2016. According to the Immigration officials, the detainee, a Cambodian lady, who was being treated for heart disease at a hospital, had died from a heart attack in May 2016,” Suhakam said.

The commission noted that Immigration officials indicated that no post-mortem examination was carried out because the coroner believed there was no suspicion of foul play.

“In relation to this, the Commission recommends that an inquest including a post mortem examination be conducted following all deaths in detention to verify the cause of the death,” the statement said.