MP hands in 200 objections to redelineation exercise


Source: FMT

Election Commission’s redelineation exercise breaks “local ties” and goes against the concept of a multiracial Malaysia, says Klang MP Charles Santiago.

SHAH ALAM: The Election Commission’s (EC) redelineation proposal gives the lie to the 1Malaysia slogan, Klang MP Charles Santiago said Friday.

Saying state constituencies in Klang were fairly multiracial, the MP noted that under the new redelineation exercise, several areas would be predominantly of one race.

This, he said, was going against what Malaysia was trying to portray itself as – “a multiracial and multicultural country.”

Saying the redelineation was going against the Federal Constitution, he added it also broke up “local ties” in several constituencies.

He cited the state constituencies of Kota Alam Shah and Pandamaran as an example of how local ties would be broken if the two areas were joined as one under the new redelineation.

“Pandamaran is a new village community while Kota Alam Shah is full of professionals and former government servants. So, if you mix the two together then this will mean joining communities that are meant to be apart,” he said at a press conference at the EC’s branch office here today.

He explained that the two communities were made up of different residents with different needs and interests.

Santiago was at the EC’s branch office to hand in a total of 200 objections from Klang residents against the EC’s redelineation exercise.

He said according to the officer, he was the first to hand in the objections to the EC.

“I’m sure that more will eventually come in with their objections but I intend to hand in another 300 objections before the deadline on October 14,” he said.

He pointed out that objections could be made on three accounts: firstly, if the redelineation went against the principle of approximately equal voters; secondly, if the redelineation split communities; and thirdly, if the redelination joined communities that are meant to be apart.

Last month, Santiago pointed out how certain areas had a large voter population while others were much smaller and that the larger areas were in the hands of the Opposition.

He had cited his parliamentary seat as an example: In 2013, Klang had 97,000 voters but with the new redelineation exercise, this would increase to 141,000 voters.