‘Amend syariah law, curb child marriages’

Source: The Star Online

KUALA LUMPUR: A former syariah judge has called for the syariah laws to be amended to curb child marriages.

Former syariah head judge and Terengganu mufti Datuk Ismail Yahya said the minimum age for Muslim girls to marry was 16, but girls under that age could still be married if the state’s mentri besar approved the union.

Referring to the Quran, he said that Islam counted maturity and wisdom as necessary qualities for a marriage, and argued that the religion encouraged marriage for adults only.

“To prevent any future complications like divorce and health problems, we should standardise syariah laws and set a minimum age of 18 for marriage,” he said at a forum on child marriages yesterday.

These amendments would go a long way in preventing underage marriages, many of which happen as a result of attempts to decriminalise rape, said Sisters In Islam (SIS) executive director, Rozana Isa. Read more