Workshop on Rights and Freedom of Internet


Source: Daily Express

internet-censorship-1-728Penampang: Thirty seven youths from all over Sabah participated in a two-day workshop at a private venue here in the weekend on the subject of Rights and Freedom of the Internet.

The facilitators are under an umbrella organisation “Net Merdeka” which is a coalition of nine NGOs, the prominent ones being Centre for Independent Journalism, National Human Rights Society, Amnesty International Malaysia and Lawyers for Liberty.

When asked about the main concerns, the facilitators said it is the violation of human rights against internet users over what they upload or write in the web. There are threats, harassments or arrest over small matters that a selected few deemed as sensitive or punishment that does not commensurate with the content that was allegedly offensive or illegal.

Governments all over the world are enacting more repressive laws against freedom of speech that the current sarcasm of the netizens is “now we can only upload photos of cute kittens and puppies”.

The participants were also educated on how they are monitored while online by hackers or even by agents of the government.

Netmerdeka urged all internet users to Write to their MP expressing their concern, * Join in the discussion, Share, tweets and posts, Make some contents like in blogs, and Contribute to the People’s Charter of Internet Rights and Freedoms.

For other questions, the facilitators urged to refer