Was Husni kept in the dark over 1MDB too? asks Tony Pua


Source: FMT News

KUALA LUMPUR: The fact that the former second finance minister had to ask parliament 1MDB-related questions suggests that only the prime minister has all the answers on the state investment firm.

Commenting on Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah’s 1MDB-related queries in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday, DAP lawmaker Tony Pua said he found it strange that the former minister had to raise the matter in parliament.

“Wouldn’t he have known all the facts as he was the second finance minister during the time? Does this mean that he was never even briefed about 1MDB?

“1MDB seems to be a top secret operation that only one person in the cabinet knows, the prime minister, who is also the finance minister,” the Petaling Jaya Utara member of parliament told reporters at the Parliament lobby here today.

Pua said this may have been the reason why Husni resigned from all posts he held in Umno and Barisan Nasional as he could not get the answers to questions he had been asking for the past five years.

Husni was dropped from his ministerial post in June’s cabinet reshuffle. In September, he claimed that handling the controversy surrounding 1MDB made him ill.

In the parliamentary debate session last night, Husni had among other things, asked the Barisan Nasional government if any action would be taken against the management of 1MDB for “investing money in wrong places”.

He also questioned the government’s motive in setting up 1MDB which he alleged has seen a lot of misappropriation with no action taken.

Former Umno minister Shafie Apdal meanwhile commended Husni for raising the issue and expressed hope that they both would get the answers to the questions they had persistently asked for.

The Semporna MP said that he too had in the past raised similar concerns in the Cabinet.

“I remember some of the questions I asked were not provided with an answer.

“But I’m glad he came out with those questions,” he told reporters at the parliament lobby.