Mechanic alleges police brutality, contemplates suing


Source: FMT News

File pic -- FMT News

File pic — FMT News

ALOR SETAR: A mechanic is contemplating legal action against the police after alleging he was severely beaten up by a group of policemen early last month.

Muhammad Zul Farhan Zulkifli, 23, said the incident occurred on Nov 6 at about 3.30pm when he was painting his motorcycle at a house in Taman Awana near here.

Upon being approached by a group of men, he and two friends panicked and fled the scene until the group introduced themselves as policemen.

Later giving up to the police, Muhammad Zul Farhan alleged he was handcuffed, beaten up and trampled upon by them while taken in a van to the Kota Setar police headquarters.

Speaking at his home in Alor Merah here today, he said the policemen told him he had been arrested in connection with a robbery and was asked to confess to the crime.

“When I said I did not know anything about a robbery, one of the policemen struck me with an electric cable while the others punched and stepped on me,” he added.

The next day, Muhammad Zul Farhan was taken to the Alor Setar magistrate’s court to obtain a remand order for four days until Nov 10. When he requested to be taken to a hospital as his skin began to blister and was filled with pus, the police denied him the request.

“I did not receive treatment until Nov 8 when I was taken to a hospital and was subsequently, released early,” said the mechanic, who sustained injuries to his left finger, thighs, buttocks and right eye.

His mother, Jamaliah Saad, 50, said she lodged a police report over the excess beatings he endured after seeing her son’s worsening condition. She said he even had to take painkillers in order to sleep due to the pain.

Kota Setar police chief ACP Mohd Rozi Jidin said the police would investigate the alleged incident.