Feeding the hungry with Robin Food, an app by four Malaysian teens

Source: Asian Correspondent

Image via YouTube

THE United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation estimates that every year, some 1.3 billion tonnes of food are either lost or wasted, and that’s one-third of the world’s total annual consumption.

If the statistic doesn’t already turn your stomach, here’s another fact that will: The organisation also says that one in nine people (about 795 million of the world’s 7.3 billion populace) were suffering from chronic undernourishment between 2014 and 2016.

But a team of enterprising Malaysian teenagers have come up with a novel way to address the issue, using existing technology and a device that more than one-fifth of the world already use – the smartphone.

Introducing Robin Food, a food surplus mobile application that connects supermarkets with non-governmental and charitable organisations to help reduce food wastage and feed the hungry.

Like its name suggests, Robin Food is inspired by the heroic ideal of taking from the rich to feed the poor, as per the famous English folklore “Robin Hood”.

According to its creators – Joseph Chung Ming Chong, 14, Allegra Chan, 16, Ezra Adrian Robert, 15, and Ivan Avannus, 15, – Robin Food enables supermarkets and other corporations like hotels or mini-markets or even generous individuals to donate surplus food stocks to the needy with just a few screen taps.

Interested donors can use the application to inform food banks of the availability of access food at their premises and then arrange for a collection within minutes. Ultimately, it eliminates the tedious task of finding the best organisation to donate to and then seeking ways to get in touch with them, or on the reverse side, it also makes it easier for food banks in search of reliable donors.

The app, bankrolled by Malaysia-based multinational conglomerate Sime Darby Berhad, was the winning entry in this year’s Young Innovators challenge. It was launched on Dec 15 and is available for download in the Klang Valley across the Android and iOS smartphone platforms. Read more