Mum pleads for Govt’s help to save son on S’pore death row


Source: The Star Online

Press conference on 11 January 2017. Prabagaran's mother, V. Eswari was accompanied by lawyers and civil rights advocates.

Press conference on 11 January 2017. Prabagaran’s mother, V. Eswari was accompanied by lawyers and civil rights advocates.

KUALA LUMPUR: A 54-year-old single mother from Johor Bahru is pleading to the Government to help her save her 29-year-old son, who is on death row in Singapore for drug trafficking.

Her son, S. Prabagaran, has exhausted all legal appeals and is facing imminent execution.

He is awaiting the result of a clemency petition to the Singapore President. The clemency request was sent in February last year, with its result due anytime soon, according to lawyers.

Singapore, however, has not granted a clemency request for the past 13 years.

V. Eswary said Prabagaran is the eldest of her two sons, and added that he is a good child who had sacrificed a lot for the family.

She said that after completing his SPM examination, her son worked in Singapore.

“He has never troubled his family,” she said in an open letter that was read at a press conference by a representative of the Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall here Wednesday.

Eswary was too distraught to read the letter and wept uncontrollably.

She pleaded for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to help her son.

“I also hope the Malaysian people will support me in this case. I am a single mother and can’t do anything without the help of others.”

Later, Eswary managed to control her tears and said she has been meeting her son every Monday.

She said her son has always maintained his innocence throughout.

“He always cries when I meet him,” she told reporters.

Prabagaran, who was working in a petrol station, was arrested at the Woodlands checkpoint in April 2012 for possession of 22.24g of heroin, which were found in a black bundle in the centre arm-rest console of the car he was driving.

He had said that he borrowed the car from a friend to enter Singapore that day because he was afraid that his motorcycle would be repossessed.